About Us

Mellbells Creations (MC) is a family based business built on love, family and the freedom to let our creative minds flow. We're a family built on faith first which leads us as a family and business owner. We are Al and Lisa and together we are an unbreakable family bond. Together we have four beautiful munchkins!

The idea of crafting has always been something that we've enjoyed throughout our lives as a family. It wasnt until we decided transition from being in the US Army as soldiers to being US Army Veterans that we had the time to develop and work on our love for crafting different items. This has become a passion of for us all developing unique items that people can personally enjoy. Over time one of our daughters has shown so much interest in the crafting world as well that we've decided to get her more involved as MC involves to more of a family business. As a family we are having fun creating items that we hope individuals can share with their families and keep for years to come.