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Melbell's Creations LLC

Personalized sequin pillow

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This beautiful 10”x10” pillow comes with reversible sequins, which enable you to make different unique designs on the pillow, such as leaving a message or drawing a picture on it. Relaxing and entertaining at the same time.

. Please make sure to select the correct choice at checkout. 

Each pillow has two different color sequins. Purchase one pillowcase, enjoy two colors in a pillow. The silver/light side of the pillow will be personalized with a name. 
Personalize is done with dye sublimation ink printed and pressed with high quality inks to last the life of the pillow. 

- Handmade swiftable sequin, like mermaid scales. Just like magic. 
- Hand wash please, so it can protect the sequin.
- The back of pillow case is made of a very soft and sturdy fabric, in a close matching color, so that you can lay comfortably on it.

The cursive text is in the examples and that will be default.